Mosaic Craft at Glass & Craft Suffolk

Choose from a wide range of wooden shapes and stick our colourful mosaic tiles on to create a vivid and unique item.

Mosaic Craft - NEW for Autumn 2016 at Glass & Craft.

Mosaic Craft


Mosaic Grouting Instructions

Have you been to us, made your mosaic master piece and need help with the grouting? Simply follow the steps below to finish off your mosaic item.

You will need: A sponge, disposable gloves, disposable tub and stick for mixing.

  1. Allow the glue to cure for at least 24 hours before you grout.
  2. Use a disposable cup of bowl for mixing the grout. Always throw away unwanted grout in the bin, never tip it down the sink.
  3. Using only ¾ of the grout mix the grout add a small amount of water and stir to form a toothpaste consistency. If to watery add the rest of the left over grout. Mix thoroughly.
  4. Apply the grout by rubbing wearing a disposable glove. Press the grout in thoroughly and wipe away the excess. Then make repeated passes with a damp sponge (not dripping wet). Rinse sponge and repeat as needed. This step requires more passes and more care if the surface is uneven or the gaps between the tiles are too large.
  5. Once your item has been grouted leave for 20 mins and then wipe off excess grout with a damp sponge.
  6. The day after you grout, you may notice a residue or haze on the surface of the glass mosaic tile. Simply buff this haze away with a clean dry cloth. The last step in grouting is appropriately called “hazing.”